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17 April 2013 @ 12:01 am
Man it's been forever since I've updated this damn thing...

I'm not sure whose following me and whose not, but I thought I'd at least pop in to say hello and give an update to those who want to know what I've been up to.

Things are alright. I graduated from RIC in 2010, in case you didn't know. I took some classes at CCRI but right now, I'm currently trying to find a job somewhere. Well, a full-time job. I have my hands everywhere. Sometimes, I'm doing bitch work for my dad at his place (data entry). I write on a fairly regular basis for my town's Patch page, a few freelance things here and there, and some graphic design. I had an internship up in MA for graphic design which was pretty good.

It's weird coming on here and reading my entries. This LJ came at a strange time in my life where I was recovering from a nervous breakdown...you can really see when things began to kind of improve for me and such. Pretty interesting.

I'm still active on the internet, however. I'm on Twitter most of all. If you feel like it, follow me at @piney61 or on Tumblr (though I'm not on there often) at knucklesandgyros. As for email...well if you comment to me, I'll send a message over for my email.

Also, Red Sox won tonight. So that is spiffy as hell. This is a season I'm not expecting a lot from, but I at least hope for the best.

So hope all is well with you folks! :)
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