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07 May 2011 @ 04:04 am
From Twitter 05-06-2011  

  • 02:20:22: You may find yourself exploring new financial territory today,... More for Pisces http://twittascope.com/?sign=12
  • 17:46:38: One of the newbs that works with me is from Brazil originally. I am jellis.
  • 18:40:25: That kind of placement that Span had was just unlucky for Wake
  • 18:44:05: The Twins are doing well against Wake because their offense sucks. Suckier the hitter, better the chances vs Wake.
  • 18:45:36: Joe Torre is responsible for the discipline...well at least it's not Bob Watson who'd suspend Tito for like 10 games
  • 18:46:10: @brianmacp Has Wake ever been ejected from a game?
  • 21:44:05: @GlobeChadFinn I'm guessing some bizarre Revolutionary war thing about how Boston did all the work but Philly got all the credit
  • 21:45:34: @GlobeChadFinn And somehow Edwards will say that them winning against the Flyers is somehow doing justice.
  • 21:58:31: RT @OldHossRadbourn: If M. Rivera were white, mustachioed, a criminal, dashing, a starter, fond of opium, and pitched every day he could ...

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