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10 May 2011 @ 04:08 am
From Twitter 05-09-2011  

  • 02:21:51: You want to demonstrate your compassion, but your actions migh... More for Pisces http://twittascope.com/?sign=12
  • 21:06:56: @shelley1005 I don't care for Papelbon but I refuse to boo unless if they are terrible terrible people
  • 21:15:49: @GlobeChadFinn If GMs made moves according to fan outcry, those teams would be so far below .500 it wouldn't even be funny
  • 21:30:18: @spacemnkymafia But they failed the right way!
  • 21:42:35: @spacemnkymafia call the game on account of his dinner reservations
  • 22:06:11: RT @TomCaron: #RedSox homestand continues into the 11th inning. So far the homestand has seen 11 games, 2 rain delays, 3 ejections, 3 b ...
  • 22:21:54: Jose Iglesias joins that rare club of people who score their first MLB run before their first MLB at-bat (unless if he AB'd last night)
  • 22:22:31: The only other guy I can think of who is in that club is Alejandro Machado back in 05 who had an even odder circumstance.
  • 22:23:47: @shelley1005 His name translates loosely into Joe Church. Sounds like a moniker a pundit would make up.
  • 22:25:09: @Autumn_Rhythm @__fc I know of the walkoff but did the celebrating get a little...handsy?
  • 23:05:11: Rochester and Louisville game is in the 17th inning -- they better not make it to 33 or else this PawSox fan will not be too happy
  • 23:39:19: @NotCoachTito Come on man, be honest here: Julian Tavarez is really a time traveling Lefty Grove who decided to throw righty, isn't he?

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