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11 May 2011 @ 04:08 am
From Twitter 05-10-2011  

  • 00:07:24: @shanlizziesull The problem with a lot of women comics is that they try too hard to either be raunchy or too women-oriented.
  • 00:12:48: @shanlizziesull I hate raunchy male comics...a raunchy woman comic doesn't make any difference to me. Also I hate stereotypes
  • 00:15:48: @shanlizziesull For me, comedy is more about observation, wit, timing and context. No matter the type, those four aspects are most important
  • 00:22:03: @shanlizziesull Yeah. It's so damn annoying. Also the difference between vulgarity and raunchy is cleverness IMO.
  • 00:24:08: @shanlizziesull Example: Vulgar is: a Mother's Day Card line by Delonte West. Raunchy is: LOL DELONTE WEST FUCKED LEBRON'S MOM DOGGYSTYLE!1
  • 02:20:59: Your work-related tasks seem more tedious today, which could m... More for Pisces http://twittascope.com/?sign=12
  • 10:47:48: RT @PeteAbe: New blog post: Papelbon gets the save for a family in need - In case you missed it, Kevin Cullen wrote a column toda... htt ...
  • 13:50:40: To be born in 1985 was tough when it comes to trend reminiscing because we were too old for a good chunk of 90s stuff and too young for 80s
  • 13:51:18: Plus you add on older siblings, you feel even more awkward because they mock you for liking Toy Story even though you are 10 yrs old...
  • 13:52:22: @cornerinfielder *butts in* WHat is your new skype name if you don't mind me asking?
  • 15:45:22: Can't move...puppy sleeping on my feet http://yfrog.com/h83lhcnj
  • 17:49:54: True story -- my sister and I just went over to my neighbors house to witness them signing their will (then signing to say we did)
  • 17:51:04: My sister was stoned at the time as well. She had no idea WTF was going on...Is it official that my family is the biggest Weirdness Magnet?
  • 17:52:16: #promdisaster going stag and hanging with you best friend/crush who is with another girl who only went with him as a pity date.
  • 17:59:50: @GlobeChadFinn I'm a fan of New Jack Swing, do I count too? (seriously, New Jack Edwards never fails to crack me up)
  • 18:23:49: How do all the strange things happen to me?
  • 19:35:52: @NiemiSaidNo I'm watching cuz my prom fell on a May 10th....aka 9 years ago today
  • 19:38:09: @NiemiSaidNo D: I guess I got lucky and had an epic junior Prom...my senior Prom on the other hand.....the less said the better
  • 19:39:22: @sweetcharade518 The timing of this episode is very uncanny since my Prom fell on a May 10th about 9 years ago. Mine was pretty epic.
  • 19:40:21: @maggiesox I cannot change away from Glee...this was just....*facepalm*
  • 19:42:11: @NiemiSaidNo :( I'm sorry about that. I've learned that the biggest dicks to you in high school are your friends.
  • 19:44:09: ....who slow dances to a breakup song?
  • 19:52:13: @maggiesox Yes indeed. I think Glee is intentionally making me wanna reminisce about my Prom since mine was on a May 10th too.
  • 19:53:00: @agentpoptart Or like "Every Breath You Take"
  • 21:44:14: @GlobeChadFinn He sounds like Bob Ross....I nearly think that he's going to go on about happy trees.
  • 21:44:35: RT @GlobeChadFinn: If NPR carried major league baseball broadcasts, they would sound a lot like Gregg Zaun.
  • 21:51:42: @shelley1005 Gregg Zaun is very insightful and amusing but his voice is sleep inducing. He's like Bob Ross.

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