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15 May 2011 @ 04:06 am
From Twitter 05-14-2011  

  • 01:05:47: @1863_project Dude, it's not easy to be that girl with guys...but it doesn't mean that no boy will ever fall for you. Just give it time.
  • 01:06:17: @1863_project Also you are not unattractive. And when that boy finally falls in love with you, as they should, it'll be well worth it!
  • 01:28:32: @shan_cake LOL THat was me in 10th grade too! Unfortunately gave me some strange feelings for my best friend who looked a lot like him.
  • 02:15:48: @1863_project The matters of the heart really do suck balls sometimes and I felt like you did just last night, but don't let it get you down
  • 02:22:19: Your responsibilities have grown in complexity and it's no lon... More for Pisces http://twittascope.com/?sign=12
  • 17:11:48: @ADDsoulmate_ @shan_cake @AllyJ223 @1863_project Mehh they're not a huge deal if you don't make them out to be. I've only been on like 3.
  • 17:12:02: @ADDsoulmate_ @shan_cake @AllyJ223 @1863_project ...so what do I know about dating? lol
  • 18:00:15: @NotCoachTito Don't forget the tentacles!
  • 18:17:54: There...I have finally written out my Prom Story....FINALLY. *for my weekly article*
  • 18:19:42: @1863_project @AllyJ223 @ADDsoulmate_ @shan_cake It's kinda like that.
  • 20:34:43: @GlobeChadFinn Not just any pride, Pride of the Yankees.
  • 20:41:24: One of my fave moments at Fenway was Yankee fans chanting "Hip HIp Jorge" during his at bat and then Red Sox fans responding same after GIDP
  • 20:42:22: RT @PeteAbe: Girardi was ejected after the home run.
  • 20:43:07: RT @brianmacp: Joe Girardi was ejected from the game after removing CC Sabathia. Reason given: Back stiffness.
  • 20:45:06: I think I'm gonna use "back stiffness" as slang for being a little selfish bitch.
  • 22:38:37: @spacemnkymafia Something tells me that Cashman really just wants to get fired from his job ASAP. He's got that "Fuck this noise" attitude
  • 22:55:11: LOL someone's been watching Glee on my Netflix Instant....I think my sister as a guilty pleasure
  • 22:57:11: I've also come to the conclusion taht everything is trying to make me watch Glee lately....
  • 23:00:19: @spacemnkymafia At least it wasn't the Hip HIp Jorge one?

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