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16 May 2011 @ 04:09 am
From Twitter 05-15-2011  

  • 00:03:01: RT @gehrig38: Another reason why Tito is about as good as they come. The Posada situation, had it happened in Boston? NO ONE would have ...
  • 02:22:07: You may attempt to sidestep your emotions now, at least long e... More for Pisces http://twittascope.com/?sign=12
  • 20:36:12: @1863_project No suh. I met you and you don't sound condescending at all. :)
  • 20:37:46: @GlobeChadFinn Orel Hershiser looks like he got so many wedgies back in high school.
  • 20:38:20: RT @GlobeChadFinn: Hershiser has more knowledge of the NBA than Joe Morgan had about baseball.
  • 20:40:05: Dammit I can't get started on anything right now
  • 20:48:41: @1863_project @ADDsoulmate @martydogg @cornerinfielder Nope. You were fine. If you did use big words, it wasn't shoehorned in ala my brother
  • 20:50:01: @1863_project @ADDsoulmate @martydogg @cornerinfielder Besides its better than me who has some trouble speaking due to crippling shyness
  • 20:50:55: @pinkberryoasis @1863_project I was about to say in a world where Bengie Molina can hit for the cycle, anyone can
  • 20:51:28: @spacemnkymafia @GordonEdes In a world where Bengie Molina can hit for the cycle, ANYTHING is possible.
  • 21:33:37: Fuck the heck, why can't I get this stupid web page done?!
  • 22:39:54: Have you ever had that feeling that you want to get something done but you just can't get it done?

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langanaxor on November 4th, 2011 11:19 am (UTC)
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