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a collection of random bullshitting (usually about the Red Sox)

ef a dumb mel is a dumb
5 March 1985

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Date Created:2/10/2005
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Piney is a college student who lives in RI. She's in her 20s, is the youngest of three, and suffers from ADD and an inferiority complex. Piney is also a huge baseball fan who loves the shit out of the Boston Red Sox. She also considers herself the "Alex Cora of Love" due to her suckiness in her lack of chances when it comes to boys.
Strengths: Amusing, smart when she applies herself, dilligent learner, resourceful, honest, to the point, artistic, insightful with baseball, kind, quirky, writes decently, clever, can become friends with guys rather easily, responsible, owns up to her own mistakes, respectful of everybody until they cross her
Weaknesses:. Idiotic, warbles on too much, insecure, sometimes whiny, too quiet, prone to being a doormat, clumsy, out of touch with reality sometimes, comes across as uncaring sometimes, not very affectionate physically, can't speak coherently sometimes, drops the ball on relationships a lot
Special Skills: Excellent game recall memory, can be a leader when she wants to, good writer, great drawer, prone to moments of genius, pop culture trivia master, musically inclined, artistically inclined, good sense of self, good sense of direction, can banter well
Weapons: Pen, pencil, anger, fists, rather ADD addled brain, Purse of Doom that contains everything but the kitchen sink, baseball knowledge up the wazoo, picspams, possibly pepper spray?
The Good Stuff: How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men, walkoff homers, clutch hitting, Futurama, quoting random shit, Coca Cola, buffalo wings, baking stuff, writing and talking baseball, driving around aimlessly, the ocean, warm summer days at the beach, foliage on 295, finding good parking at RIC, laughing over stupid shit, Family Guy at times, URI Rams, oldies music, karaoke, Top Chef, Project Runway, comfortable sneakers

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